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2013 Volvo FM 400 84RB, LHD, origin: Sweden
60Ton Rotator (2020, new one)
60DZ2+26TH1+60ZTX, origin: China
 60Ton rotator and Volvo FM 400, with 500 miles around

This truck is not more than 500 miles on it and is like brand new
condition. Chassis shall have a fully serviced before it is ready to
go. This truck is with tools and equipment included. Such a
truck is a demonstrated and tested product; we keep it till now
day, unfortunately, Chinese law update exhaust to Euro V or VI.

All this truck needs a new top unit mount on it, meanwhile, we
are manufacturer on towing and lifting equipment in china,
recommend our new top unit is a 60ton rotator mount it on this
chassis. Any special order is available.